Orientation and Mobility (O&M) is specific to blindness and low vision that teaches safe, efficient, and effective travel skills to people of all ages:

“Orientation” refers to the ability to know where you are and where you want to go, whether you’re moving from one room to another or walking downtown for a shopping trip. Orientation is the ability to locate oneself in one’s environment. It is a skill that is related to the use of the remaining senses of a person to establish one’s position in, and in relation to significant objects in the environment.

“Mobility” refers to the ability to move safely, efficiently, and effectively from one place to another, such as being able to walk without tripping or falling, cross streets, and use public transportation. Mobility is defined as physical “movement” and the negotiation of any obstacles and hazards. It is the aim of obtaining freedom of movement without coming to any harm, safety in travelling as well as minimizing the level of stress placed upon a visually impaired person. While Braille gives intellectual independence, a well-developed sense of mobility facilitates independent movement. It enables the person to detect hazards associated with travelling and to take evasive action


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